Lost in the Park.

This is the last known photograph of Babystar’s favorite water bottle.

It was a blue and yellow (and metal) smaller size Contigo that her grandparents gave to her during her last visit to Myrtle Beach. Blue and yellow are her favorite colors! She loved pushing the button so the straw would pop up! (She could actually open and close it herself and it was still 100% leak-proof in my bag.) And Contigo beverage containers are magic so her water stayed cold all day!

(Seriously, Contigo makes MAGICAL containers. My coffee stays hot for literal hours. This is the most important thing for me as a SAHM so yay Contigo.)


We totally left Babystar’s favorite cup at the park last Tuesday. I would have gone back to fetch it but I didn’t realize it until about 10pm and I knew the squirrels had likely taken it by then. Lucky squirrels. I hope they at least figure out how to get the straw open.

I was devastated. Like, way more upset than I needed to be over a freaking sippy cup.

Amazon Prime to the rescue — almost. Apparently, there are no more blue and yellow ones. But at least her water will be cold again. $15.99. (Hella expensive for a child’s cup but completely worth it.)


MAYDAY MAYDAY: Parents, what is your kid’s favorite kind of on-the-go cup? What is YOUR favorite?

14 thoughts on “Lost in the Park.

  1. I swear to God we have the silver cup with the blue/yellow cap!!! It’s Toddler’s cup, and Baby has the bigger pink clear cup with the pink/yellow/aqua cap! I really love the silver cup because it doesn’t leave a plastic taste on her water. But I HATE how the gaskets on the inside of the caps on the Contigo cups always come loose!!! Do they do that for you? The Contigo cups are the only ones we’ve found to be leak proof, IF that dang gasket is in place.
    Glad you got Babystar a new cup pronto. 🙂

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      1. No, there’s a black rubber gasket that’s inside the lid – it keeps the lid-cup connection from leaking. It always comes out for me! I wonder why … either I over-tighten or the dishwasher does it.


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