Baby’s First Pedicure.

I was well into my twenties before I ever had a pedicure. I mean, I painted my toenails myself of course, but the whole pay-someone-to-rub-my-feet thing came late for me. I guess I was sheltered. (Or more like broke.)

Pedicures are now one of my favorite things in life; Babystar always notices my ‘pretty toes’ and they are usually painted blue.

My oldest daughter was seven when she had her first pedicure. She was at the beauty salon with me and my friends while we were getting ready for my wedding, and she got a mini-pedicure and clear polish.

Because there is a giant age gap between my children, Babystar is along for the ride on a lot of big girl adventures. In the tradition of tagging along for special occasions, Babystar came with me and her big sister to get pedicures last Thursday. Big Sister had prom on Friday.

She sat on my lap during our pedicures and played with the buttons on the massage remote, making some very interesting patterns on my back. The lovely lady that always does my pedicures gave Babystar a little leg lotion and Babystar was fascinated. Which is super weird, because my wiggly toddler usually cannot stand for me to put any type of lotion (or SUNSCREEN) on her little body. She was so excited and proud to be with us, so when she said ‘I blue toes too,’ I agreed. My sweet little still-one-year-old baby held so still while getting her toenails painted blue. And she is so very proud to show everyone her blue toes like mama.

What do you think? Too young? Or ok since it was for a special occasion? Or totally fine and no special occasion needed? My little monster loves snakes and bugs and pretty dresses and stars and rocks and dinosaurs and ponies. But she mostly loves whatever Big Sister and Mama are doing.


12 thoughts on “Baby’s First Pedicure.

  1. Let her! She’s modeling after you and big sis! As long as it’s not harmful let her have a little fun playing as a big girl!

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  2. Tiny blue toes are just too cute! Little girls will always want to do the ‘big girl’ things so I say let them have their little joys :)nail polish once on a while can’t hurt 😆

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  3. I thought it was “too young” for my 2 year old girl to have her toes done. But, I only thought that way because that’s how I was raised. “There’s a certain age to put on nail polish and wear make up.” Basically the age when it’s right to lose your virginity I guess? Growing up in a Spanish culture, that’s precisely what we are taught. Until two months ago, I painted my nails red like the heart emoji and it stood out. I mean, it was out there. It made me feel very lady like. I like that feeling. I felt good. And cute, lol. So my little one requested she get the color pink on her nails and my eyes popped. My first thought was “but you’re so pure.”

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  4. So, I set up my phone to record me because I didn’t want to lose this moment. And I bonded. Like, I connected with her. Only being two and I felt it brought us closer. It felt sooooo good. Especially watching her reaction. Now I didn’t use the regular chemically polished for us adults. I used these easy wash off baby nail polishes my step father got my little one as a 1st bday present. I kept it locked up for a long time and a year later put it to good use. So, now, it isn’t “you’re too young” anymore. It’s more “let’s enjoy this moment” moment. ❤

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  5. That’s so cute!! NO not too young! I can’t wait to take my daughter!!!! (she’s 14 months)


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