Ladies and gentlemen, we have molars. Four molars. The landing was a bit bumpy, but we are in the clear.

Babystar handled it like a little champ. It only really bothered her at night, and since she sleeps with me, I heard every cry. I ended up giving her Motrin and/or Tylenol to get her through the worst of it.

Babystar was also sick for a few days so we went through the Motrin/Tylenol cycle to bring her fever down. However, she will now actually TAKE medicine so I guess that’s good. Protip: measure in the dropper but give it to Baby in a spoon. It worked for me. Good luck.

  • Infant Motrin 9.99
  • Generic infant ibuprofen 7.99
  • Infant Tylenol 9.99
  • Children’s Motrin 5.99
  • Children’s Tylenol 5.99

The trying-hard-to-be-a-cliche husband bought the children’s versions by accident, but Babystar is in the right weight class so we used them in a pinch. The bottles are sitting mostly full in the medicine cabinet though. Hopefully they don’t expire before she turns two.

I have before mentioned my love and support for Hyland’s Teeting Tablets. But. That last, recent, round of articles finally knocked me down. I am not at all actually convinced that they are harmful to Babystar. But that *what if* in the back of my head finally got loud enough for me to stop using them. Ten points to Big Pharma. Jerks.

We did the cold washcloth trick for awhile, and she liked it until she didn’t. I had some teething rings given to her long ago, and she didn’t really like those either. She very much likes chewing on frozen silicon kitchen spoons. Once we discovered this, we bought more at Home Goods ($3.99) plus a pair of pink whisks to add to her kitchen utensil collection that have nothing to do with teething but she liked them so ($3.99).


When she wants one, she tells us ‘cold! cold!’ and points to her mouth. Good communicating, Babystar.

Do you have any teething tips? What worked? What didn’t work? How are you feeling about the Hyland’s Teething Tablet controversy (if you care at all)?



4 thoughts on “Cold!

  1. She has nicer kitchen utensils than me….
    Our 14mo has one molar and all 4 canines left to come in. In fact, she’s teething tonight… 😦 We give her children’s motrin when she needs it, but we give it to her much less than for our first baby. Usually I nurse her and she’s fine and goes back to sleep. Not sure how that helps, but I do it!

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  2. With homeopathy, I prefer the classical approach, which is one remedy at a time. Hyland’s likes to put multiple remedies in one. I found Boiron liquid teething remedy (camamilia, though I never spell it right) to be fantastic. It only has one igredient plus water. You can also get single remedy pastiles of which remedy you find works best for your child, learn about dosing, and then not worry about the big Pharma bs. Look up the side effects for tylenol and motrin if you want to even the playing field. Those two year molars are horrible.

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      1. British homeopathy site, abc homeopathy, and Dana Ullman (might have misspelled). I generally search a lot of sites for the topic I am learning about, compare their symptom guides, and look at the credentials of who is writing it. There is no one remedy that works on everyone for the same symptoms. Temperment and very specific parts of symptoms play a roll in discerning which remedy is right for that person at that moment. That’s why I like the classical approach. You pick one at a time. Funny story, I tried a remedy for Wallace’s acid reflux, it didn’t work on it, but it cured his seasonal allergies and he’s not had an issue since!

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