College Applications.

Just kidding. Babystar is a long way from college. The Teenager has spent the winter meeting application deadlines for school in the fall. Not the baby. That would be ridiculous.


Apparently not.

We just spent $100 on preschool applications for the fall. One application was $75 and I already know that Babystar is waitlisted. One was $25 but we have not heard back yet.

All the local mamas told me to try for at least three preschools, hoping to get into one. I didn’t listen; I only submitted two applications. But dude. She’s not even two (well, she will be two in the fall). I sort of figure that my ‘Option Three’ will be to not send her to preschool in the fall. Two-year-old classes are only two days a week for like three hours. It’s a big step, but also, it’s totally fine if she doesn’t go. Right?


(Just kidding. Probably. Hopefully.)

Btw, that video was taken at the library, which is FREE, although we did buy a Little Critter Numbers board book for fifty cents from the library sale.



6 thoughts on “College Applications.

  1. *mouth agape*
    Dang! You applied to multiple?! Wow… We just put our 3.5yo in pre-preschool this January, and she’ll go to the same place in September. I guess we got lucky there were openings. I didn’t know this was so competitive! And no, I don’t think you need to put her in prek now unless you really want to, except the free time would be awesome!

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    1. We applied to two which is apparently low. But again, I’m not that pressed if she doesn’t get in. I would LIKE it because I think it would be good for her. She’s kind of addicted to mama. But either way, we will totally survive. 🙂


      1. Wow, good luck. You must be in a very populated area? My 3.5yo was addicted to me, too. I almost pushed her to start prek at 2.75y, but I’m glad I waited until just a month ago – she’s socially ready! But every kid is different, for sure. I found our local playgroup to help get her from me a bit, though I wonder how school would’ve changed her, too….

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        1. Thanks! The trouble isn’t so much that there aren’t enough spots to go around–just there that aren’t enough reasonably priced spots to go around. I refuse to pay trillions for 2yo preschool. I’ll just let fare decide at this point. 🙂


  2. Ha! This is so funny. I thought it would be a breeze to get my daughter into a daycare for half a day when she was 2. There were 5 daycare centres sitting walking distance to where we stayed and the only one that had space also had their jungle gym built on a slope. A concrete slope. :/ So that didn’t happen.

    Then we moved back to Durban and I thought ,ok, this should be easier. Nope. The only way we got her in was because the teacher was my sister’s friends mum!

    Now we are moving again and I am preparing myself for round 3. Sigh…

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