Back to Cloth.

With few exceptions, Babystar has been in disposable diapers for about a month now. I started when I packed the bag for the Women’s March last month and disposables were so much lighter. I kept her in disposables through a bathroom renovation that took away my access to the diaper sprayer for a week. Then we all got sick and now we are better but yet the disposable diapers remain on the baby.

I’m not gonna lie — I don’t hate them. They are not as cute as the cloth diapers, but they definitely have their benefits.


But today we are back in cloth. Let’s do this!

We bought eleven packs of diapers during this glorious, lazy month. The Target brand was somehow always on sale for $4.99. Score! So $54.89 for almost a month. Eh. The fancy cloth we use costs $30-35 each. I think you CAN save money using cloth but I definitely did NOT.

(We still have disposables left but we also still use them at night and on Sundays in the church nursery.)


7 thoughts on “Back to Cloth.

  1. 11 packs?! Oh man … How many per pack? I’m guessing you didn’t expect to use disposables that long and didn’t buy a big pack… 😦
    Good job going back to the cloth! You’re doing great!

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    1. 28 per pack, and during the stomach bug stretches, that barely lasted two days. (Poor baby.) I also change them every time they are squishy. Unless I’m out in which case I let that squishy pee ride for HOURS. And you’re right, we never bought the big boxes because we always planned to be using the cloth. But Target brand is great and luckily very cheap lately!


  2. We were going to cloth, I was super lucky and a friend gave me all brand new that she never used… and then we never used them :/. We find BJs brand are great and like .12 a diaper unless you get them on sale. Pampers are always like .24 even on sale, sometimes better. I’ve kept the cloth, maybe the future #2 will be cloth diapered! Good for you for sticking with it!

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