Airplanes and Dinosaurs.

Babystar is growing out of her pajamas. I was SURE I was set for the winter. I just gave away everything up to 18 months (except for one pair of Carter’s fleece pajamas because all of Carter’s clothes run small except the fleece or terry footed pajamas and we just have to accept this fact). I am trying to squeeze some more wears out of her 18-24 months pajamas but they are basically capris. Babystar is not tall; I don’t get it. But it’s cold at night. And she hates blankets. So I bought some 2T jammies to hopefully get her through the winter. The cotton sets were buy one, get one half off. I bought two of the same, so four sets of airplane pajamas. Babystar loves airplanes. She waves to them and blows them kisses. She knows the difference between and airplane and a helicopter. It is really funny listening to her trying to say helicopter. The fleece dinosaur two-pack was on clearance. She also loves dinosaurs. Yes, I bought these in the ‘Toddler Boys’ department but she legit loves dinosaurs and airplanes. Which she learned about from her pink laptop and the sky, respectively. Also, why are airplanes and dinosaurs for boys and not girls? Many girls ride in AND fly airplanes. Amelia Earhart, anyone? (Ok, maybe she is a bad example.) And I happen to know from watching Jurassic Park that there were DEFINATELY girl dinosaurs. So, what’s the deal?


Also, I did LOOK in the ‘Toddler Girls’ section for airplanes. I found two shirts on clearance for $2.25 each, but no airplane pajamas.


6 thoughts on “Airplanes and Dinosaurs.

  1. Yeah … why do they keep growing?!?! So I was in Target today to buy mittens for my 10mo and I saw all kinds of starry hats and mittens (Cat & Jack!) and thought of your little Babystar, lol. And I thought of our own baby price tag ticking up, tick tick tick …. Only this time the purchase was my fault because I lost her mitten on Thanksgiving vacation. Ugh.

    Those PJs are adorable, btw. I’m all about girls and STEM stuff. Rock those planes, babystar!

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    1. Aw, so sweet you thought of her. And so scary about the price tag. LOL. But not really. 😉
      She says ‘airplane’ much clearer than most words. LOVES them. And now she has opinions on what she wears. It better have an airplane, dinosaur, star, or kitty on it or we can’t even talk about it calmly. Cue kicks to rival the Rockettes.


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