The other day after a fun hour or so at Busy Bees ($15 but we also went today so $30 total), we popped into Target for granola bars. (We eat a LOT of granola bars in our house and they are cheapest in the big box at Target. Well, they are REALLY cheap in the giant box at Costco, but the teenagers won’t eat the peanut butter flavored ones so it’s not really a good deal after all because I don’t want to eat thirty peanut butter flavored granola bars. Ever, really, but certainly not every month. I digress.)

I found the cutest holiday outfit for Babystar and I did not buy it. Repeat: I WENT TO TARGET AND DID NOT BUY ANY BABY CLOTHES.

You guys, it had stars (mandatory), sparkle, and it was not a dress! Perfection with matching shoes! AND I DID NOT BUY THIS.


The outfit was $16.99 and the shoes were $22.99 but you know what? She already has a perfectly fine holiday outfit — the same one that she wore for her dedication. It’s a dress, but she will live. I don’t need to spend $40 for a new outfit. That’s not to say that I won’t crack change my mind and buy it later. Especially if it goes on sale. But for now: RESTRAINT. I bought my granola bars and went home.

And then the very next day? I went into Carter’s to return the extra Halloween costumes that I had stressbought (which should be a word) and once again I had so much restraint! Ok, so I did exchange the Halloween items instead of return them. I traded them for a five-pack of onesies, size 24 months, and a very cute long sleeve shirt. Babystar only had two onesies that fit and I like to layer in the winter. And just look at this long sleeve t-shirt. Everything was on sale and I only owed $1.28 at the register. Not bad. RESTRAINT.


I don’t know what has gotten in to me. Or yes, I do. I have watched this adorable human grow out of season after season of clothes. I have given away items that I know she never wore — or only wore a couple of times. I have watched that number at the bottom of each post creep higher and higher and it is downright terrifying.

And I have another theory. I am finally getting enough sleep. My brain is more able to function properly. (Sort of. I still forget where I am going on the way to the park. And I kind of already forgot my point.) But sometimes, when the planets are aligned properly, I can use my deductive reasoning skills and my common sense and all of the other cool smart lady traits I know I still possess (somewhere) and stop BUYING ALL OF THE STUFF for this small creature that will wear the same clothes every day and not care at all and only wants to play with tampon boxes and the mixing bowls anyway.

Anyone else ever have a similar epiphany?



FURTHER RESTRAINT: I am not blogging every day per the NaBloPoMo guidelines. I don’t really have that much to talk about and I hate spam. Many of you doing NaBloPoMo are killing it. Good for you. I like following along. I am not killing it. And I am sort of fine with that.


5 thoughts on “Restraint.

  1. Wow, it takes a lot of restraint to go to a place like target and not buy baby clothes! Kudos to you! I overspend a LOT on baby clothes when Lilly was younger (last year basically) but now I’ve finally settled into buying only the amour of clothing a tiny person requires, especially like you said they grow out of it faster than they can wear it! But baby/toddler clothes are usually too adorable to resist buying, even when you know you don’t need any more clothes 😂😵

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  2. Love this. !! You’re living in Realville! We all hope to live there one day, haha. (Yeah, blogging daily is a huge drain. I can’t keep up – I schedule my posts and can barely keep up with others’ blogs!)

    With baby #1 we borrowed a lot of clothes, but we aren’t so much this time around. I have less outfits, barely anything matches, and I feel the pull to buy something, anything (esp cute stuff) all the time. But I don’t… With baby #2 I’m actually trying to skip some sizes a bit – stretch the 6m pants and get into 12m pants early, that sort of thing. That helps. I too am seeing more money go out the door and it’s scary!! Restraint is a practiced art. Good job!!

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    1. Smart idea about the sizes. I JUST figured that one out. I only buy 2T now and will start on 3T I think in about five minutes. Plus I’m excited about maxaloones pants. I just got some (via MIL) and they are amazing. Post coming soon. I am waiting to get my 3.5yo niece over here to see if they fit her too!


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