Keep Them Safe.

How safe is the Internet? Probably not very, right?

I’ve read a lot of articles recently from moms (and dads) who have made the decision to keep their kid’s photos offline. I fully support that. I clearly don’t DO it, but I totally support it.

I wonder where my line is, though. I would never post any naked baby pictures, of course. I don’t post Babystar’s real name. I rarely post about the older kids because I feel like I need their approval first and that’s usually such a damn hassle. Plus, I’m not adding up their expenses. (If I did, I would expect a LOT more in the way of household chores. I’m talking BREAKFAST IN BED. Kids are expensive.)

So maybe, my line is when she can tell me if it’s ok. Or perhaps when she has a life outside of my life. I’m not sure.

Also, I will not tell embarrassing things about my kids online. But I can’t think of anything that would be embarrassing to a BABY. Literally, nothing. Babystar could eat dog food with her finger up her nose and then open her diaper and smear poop everywhere and I still don’t think that would be embarrassing because she is a BABY. It would be fucking horrible but not embarrassing.

In fact, my mother tells me that I did indeed pull open my diaper in my crib once and when she came to get me after my nap, I was smeared in poop. This was before video monitors. And maybe even before old fashioned sound-only baby monitors. I don’t remember this, because I was a BABY, but as a baby, I’m sure I ate poop. Still, I am zero embarrassed about that time I ate poop, BECAUSE I WAS A BABY.

But if Babystar wets her pants at kindergarten, I won’t tell the world. I mean, unless she asks me to.


Babystar wants me to stop typing now.

What is your line, fellow Mommy Bloggers? Or Facebookers with Children? Or just Parents with Internet?







7 thoughts on “Keep Them Safe.

  1. This is a tough one. I don’t personally post kid pics but recently i did a couple interviews that requested them and I did indeed submit a couple but it made me a little uneasy. So that’s my gauge…does it make me queasy? then I probably shouldn’t be doing it.

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  2. Very thought-provoking post! I had this discussion with my husband about two months ago when I approached him about making my blog public to our friends and family (yes, I blogged “in the dark” for years before telling those closest to me … I’m crazy/super shy!), and he was not a fan of me talking about our kids online. His reasoning was that they probably wouldn’t want to have their mom having written embarrassing things about them when they’re older. I told him I wasn’t posting anything embarrassing, that mostly I’m just ranting about being a parent and laughing at funny things they do and say, and also that I’m sure once they’re old enough to understand the blog (and hey, you know, read) I won’t be blogging anymore.

    So I’d say my line is I don’t post photos of my kids’ faces and certainly no nudity. I also keep it pretty G-rated and try to use judgement on whether they’d feel embarrassed in the future. But yeah – poop stories are totally fair game, I’m with you there. They are just babies after all!

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  3. I’m also a secret blogger 😂 It’s so therapeutic to be completely honest on here knowing that no one but my husband reads it so I won’t offend anyone. Wrt pics I used to post quite a bit on fb coz I keep my friends limited to people I’m actually in contact with but I have cut down a lot. As my daughter gets older (and prettier) I can’t help but worry about her pics being used with bad intentions. I’m even contemplating making my albums private. It’s such a scary time that we live in. 😣

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    1. I didn’t even tell my husband about this blog for months. I’m not sure why. (It was only a little bit because I didn’t want him to see that number at the bottom hahahaha.)
      I did like the anonymity, I guess. Yet I post pictures and don’t really use a pseudonym and that’s my picture right there so I know I’m really not anonymous, if you know where to look.
      PS I love your hair. HOW do you keep up with it? I want purple so very badly but then I have to go back like once a month, right? I’m lucky to get a haircut once a year.
      (Please don’t feel bad for me; I simply prioritize pedicures with the teenager. Poor me, I know. LOL.)


      1. Thanks! This pic is actually from a year ago but I plan on going back in Jan to get it cut and coloured again. It’s not that bad to maintain because I buy a tub of the colour from the salon and touch it up at home each month as it grows out. The problem is that you have to bleach your hair for these ‘crazy colours’ to hold if your hair is anything but blonde. Which is why I only do it once a year because I let the bleached bit grow out completely first as your hair can get damaged. I love it though! I have had blue, green and purple so far. Nothing like a spot of colour to brighten up your reflection when you are too tired to see straight 😂😂😂

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