Sticky Fingers.

Messy face. Sticky fingers. Wet belly. Sloppy hair.

And let’s not even talk about the floor.

Or let’s DO.

I have spent so much time on my hands and knees cleaning the floor under the high chair. I mean, I don’t want ants or anything. Unless the ants would promise to just take away the food bits and immediately leave the premises and then I totally want ants. But I don’t speak ant and I don’t trust them to honor our agreements.


I checked my favorite store ‘The Internet’ and found all kinds of high chair mats at all price points. Non-plastic, washable ones were anywhere from $15 – $50. For one.

(I should note here that pre-baby I was all about having a pretty house and I have painted and repainted literally every room at least once so I am intimately familiar with the offerings of the Home Depot paint department.)

I bought this 4 foot by 15 foot washable canvas drop cloth from Home Depot for $19.32, and cut it into fourths to make FOUR high chair floor mats. I’m not trying to wash a floor mat every day. I have things to do. Like, um, cut orange slices into thirds and read Good Night, Gorilla one hundred thousand more times.


Someday I might even hem the edges or something. One of the edges is already hemmed, but, um, it came that way. And I bet we can decorate these as a fun craft project when Babystar is older. I’m only half-kidding. They are beautiful just the way they are, especially at only $4.83 each.


How do you keep the food off the floor? Do you have a dog? Should I get a dog? (I should NOT get a dog.) Can I rent a dog for a year or two? Maybe invite one over every evening for a snack??



6 thoughts on “Sticky Fingers.

  1. It looks like you have hard floors like us. Why not just sweep? Tbh my floors can get pretty grim! But I never have used mats like that. Clever idea to get a big cloth and cut it up though. I hope it works for you.

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    1. The sticky strawberries and milk-sogged Cheerios are easier to pick up with a wet rag than a broom. If I let the oranges dry on the floor, which I accidentally try sometimes, they turn into glue. 😂
      Maybe I just need a better broom??

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  2. I was just thinking today that I’d hate to be a mom of a baby eating solids without a dog because I literally dump all the gross food from the high chair crevices onto the floor and call her over. It reminds me of 1950s housewives dumping their ashtrays on the carpet and vacuuming. I like the drop cloth idea. Love being able to machine wash. I bought a huge pile to make curtains for the entire house… what’s one more?

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