Rainbow Bright.

Ok, this time I SWEAR I am done buying cloth diapers. I was really sad that I only bought one of these bright pretty rainbow Blueberry Diapers at MommyCon so when I saw them for sale at Holistic Parent, I bought one. Just one. So now I have two. I kind of want three. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

(I’ve decided I have to sell the bumGenius Elementals. Love the colors. Love the prints. Do not love that she overflows them with pee. I am not trying to convince you to buy them or anything. I am really just trying to justify this purchase. To my family, maybe. Who might be reading this. STOP JUDGING ME.)

So pretty, tho.



4 thoughts on “Rainbow Bright.

  1. When I was pregnant with my first child I was determined to use cloth nappies/diapers. Within a week I gave up. Trying to fit them on a newborn with all the leaking etc, I honestly and unashamedly gave up! And with all the $$$$ spent on nappies over the following 4 years, I felt guilty because it felt like with every nappie I threw in the bin it was the equivalent of filling a landfill with non-biodegradable money!
    But at least my girls were dry, and there was very little leaking.

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  2. Whatever works, right? I can’t imagine trying to fit a cloth diaper on a brand new baby. I know you can buy newborn cloth diapers but that seems like a waste (unless you plan on having dozens of babies, I guess. They are still cute, tho.)


  3. We loved our cloth nappies! It’s funny how different makes fit best on different babies/toddlers! We had a load of blueberry and bumgenious, but the blueberry ones didn’t fit her well and were a nightmare! Shame because they were so cute!

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