Red Cart, Red Cart.

Red cart, red cart, what do you see?

I see Babystar riding in me.

Babystar, Babystar, what do you see?

I see mama at Target again and we don’t even need anything.

Quiet, baby.


Yep, Target again. This time we went there for birthday presents for my favorite (and only, but still) niece who just turned three years old. (We got her some cool Melissa & Doug puzzles, btw.) We also bought two new t-shirts and some sippy cups for Babystar.

How cute are these t-shirts? They were ‘buy-one-get-one-half-off’ so I had to buy two. It’s the law. (I didn’t want to get ARRESTED.)

Babystar only likes to wear super roomy boy’s t-shirts. She gets angry and squirmy if I try to put a ‘girl-cut’ shirt on her body even though they are all sized 24 months or 2T. And she is only 13 months old. You know what? I don’t blame her. WHY ARE BABY GIRL SHIRTS TIGHTER THAN BABY BOY SHIRTS? They are BABIES. Geez.

So these were $8.99 and $7.99 but ‘buy-one-get-one-half-off’ so $12.98 total.

I also bought two new kinds of cups to try. Babystar has trouble getting the water from inside her cups to inside her body. She gets the water to the outside of her body instead. I honestly don’t think the cups are to blame, but it’s worth a shot. It’s so freaking hot outside lately and I know she needs to drink all of the water. We will see how these work out. The zak! 2-pack was $9.99 and the munchkin cup was $5.99.


I also got a few cups for free at MommyCon (after I went to Target — I’m just late in posting) so we will have a sippy cup battle to the death soon. Or maybe just some reviews.

What cups do you recommend for a drinking-impaired young toddler? Please share.



3 thoughts on “Red Cart, Red Cart.

    1. I never did finish that Sippy Cup Roundup that been sitting in my Drafts folder for a year (maybe someday), but I did want to let you know (a year too late) that we did not love the Munchkin cup. It is GENIUS in theory but doesn’t work in practice. Did you get one? If so, what was your opinion?


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