Time Out.

Last night, I had a dinner date with the Husband. I can still use my own fingers to count the amount of times that I have left the baby with anyone but him. Five. Five times. She’s a year old. Sheesh.

I needed a dinner away from the baby. It was really nice that there were Trusted Teenagers around to babysit so Husband could come with me.

But I needed to get away from her. Like right away.

I adore that baby. You know how you see people in galleries step back to appreciate art?

I needed to step back.

Babystar rocks.


But this is sometimes more difficult to appreciate.


$75 with tip. Worth every penny.

(I woke up with the cuddliest cuddle bear this morning and we played all day and she still gets mad a little because she’s a baby and lacks major communication skills but it is one thousand times easier to be a patient mom after a two hour break.)



3 thoughts on “Time Out.

  1. Ha my daughter’s two and I can probably count 5-10 times I’ve left her with my parents or my in-laws. Never a babysitter. Rarely my husband. She and I are a package deal. 🙂 So don’t worry about it (if you even were!).

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