We Tried to Make Her Hands Clap.

I almost forgot.

Like idiot parents, we tried to take Babystar to a rock show. At a night club. At night. What.


She really does like the song “HandClap” by Fitz and the Tantrums. And so do I. So we all went to the show. Me, the Husband, Babystar, and all three teenagers (the girl, the boy, and his girlfriend). Basically, all of the babysitters were with me.

I was smart enough to insist on two separate cars because I had a feeling she might not make it until the end of the show. She didn’t even make it through the opening band. She was into it, but she refused to leave her Baby Banz Earmuffs on her head so we had to leave. Her $40 ticket was wasted. (Mine too, but whatever.)

I heard the show was pretty good from these three.


Plus the stepdad I left them to babysit. Yes, I left the teenagers in charge. Husband was on his second vodka soda when I left.

Babystar and I sang to the radio and she clapped her hands all the way home.

We are trying this concert thing again later this month at Randall’s Island. Hopefully, she will do better since it is outside. Fingers crossed.


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