YOU GUYS! Babystar is learning baby signs! She’s so smart!

I have been only sorta kinda teaching her the baby signs. I never even read this book. (I think I’ll go read it now!) We mostly do ‘eat’ and ‘water’ and ‘more.’ It’s mostly me doing them during mealtimes, but also sometimes the Teenager or the Husband.


Last night Babystar had the wiggles at bedtime so her dad took her downstairs to play while I tried to sleep. Soon he came upstairs to ask if she could be hungry BECAUSE SHE KEPT DOING THE SIGN FOR ‘MORE’.

I am so proud of her.

And yes, she was hungry and enjoyed a bowl of Cheerios and then settled down and was asleep soon after.

I kind of can’t believe it. The baby is a smart.


Has anyone else had success with baby signs? Around what age did it start to take? What are your favorite/most useful signs?

I just looked up banana and I think it is my new favorite but which ones should I really be learning??



6 thoughts on “More.

  1. My Lil guy did his 1st sign aground 9 mo. I believe… it’s so fun to see them actually get their point across this way. Our main one was also more. We also did all done and thank you which is so stinking cute to get them to do! Great job to your lil one😍

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  2. I started with my daughter around 6 months, and I can’t remember exactly when she picked it up but it was like I’d hit the jackpot. The books say “more” is the beginning sign which really leads to everything else. I used that book at first as well, and then I found two more that I really liked. (

    My advice – KEEP DOING IT! Use more, drink, eat, all done, diaper change, sleep, help, and then learn more from the book and use them daily. My daughter picked up on them so well that she was communicating with us well before she was speaking any legitimate words. It helps so much to know what they’re thinking and helps them as well to be understood. It makes for happier situations all around.

    Good luck!

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  3. We use the more sign, but that’s about it. Since he’s starting to talk now, I’d prefer him to start using words. However, he also does our version of all done which is pretty dang cute. I constantly think that we underestimate what our kids can understand.
    I HIGHLY recommend “Slow and Steady Get Me Ready” for activities to do with the little ones. (I blogged about that on my top six books post). I am amazed at the things they can do that I NEVER would have thought.

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