More Proof.

Babystar is crawling along the walls and growing every time I’m not looking. She can almost reach the doorknobs so we bought a pack of those covers ($4.99) to keep her from opening the doors to the basement or bathroom. I wonder how long it will take her to figure out a work-around.


I also bought another cheap Munchkin baby gate from Target ($14.99) for the bottom of the basement stairs. It helps corral her while I sort laundry. NEWSFLASH: Babystar climbed the stairs! She was so careful about it, and her best friend the Teenager was at the top while I spotted her from behind. Otherwise, I don’t know if she would have taken the risk. She’s a cautious little bald old man, my Babystar. These gates would not stop any determined baby, but they do act as sort of traffic cones.


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