Diapering While Intoxicated.

Ok, I wasn’t reeeeaaaaally drunk, but I definitely ordered more diapers after drinking wine the other night and they are here and yay!



Yep, I bought a black diaper. You know, for formal occasions. Ok, I was for sure a little tipsy. But still yaaaaay! More Blueberry diapers! My current favorite.

(Y’all. I’m officially losing it because I forgot to buy a diaper recently when it went on sale and it sold out so fast and it was so cute so if anyone out there in Internetland bought an extra Smart Bottoms ‘Muchness’ Alice in Wonderland diaper and they are feeling generous, well, think of me. Okthxbye.)

(Also add $9.99 for a pack of Size 4 Pampers because we are still doing disposables at night. I’m a big chicken, I know.)

(Oh, and also add $19.99 for a giant box of Costco wipes because they are awesome and I forgot to add them after our trip to Costco last week.)



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