Unsolicited Rave.

I swear no one paid me to say this.

I WISH someone would pay me to say things. Type things. Whatever.

I have a huge crush on Babyganics Toy & High Chair Cleaner. I use it on the high chair and on toys and on the table and on the floor and on everything. It’s basically my new favorite all purpose cleaner. It works really well to clean off the sticky. And my house now has a lot of sticky. And it is made to clean toys, so I think it is safe for Babystar to then lick those toys. And she is actually licking everything, so I might as well use it to clean everything. Yes, she licks the floor. Intentionally. I’ve seen her do it. I do not understand it. I guess she is just doing her experiments.


Four thumbs up. (Mine and hers.)

(I already bought this so no adding to the bottom line here. I should probably need a new one by now but it lasts a really long time. Or I don’t clean as often as I should. Yeah, probably that.)



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