Grape Blueberry.

I just googled Grape Blueberry. Turns out a blueberry grape is a thing. If you are wondering, it is a grape that tastes a bit of blueberries. But that’s not the kind I mean today.

I bought two new Blueberry diapers — Grape and Navy. I already washed them and put them away. See? They are in there. Over there on the left. $51.90 at I’m not sure why they are less expensive there than elsewhere, but I’m into it.


Blueberry Diapers are our current favorite, fit and absorbency-wise. I added those two to bring our total to six(?). I think six. Not enough to last a full day but enough so that I usually have one when we leave the house.Β Does anyone else have a go-to ‘errand diaper’? You know, one that you trust not to leak even if you go longer than two hours in between changes? Plus the stay-dry option of the Simplex means Babystar is comfy and that is really important to me.



9 thoughts on “Grape Blueberry.

        1. That’s great to hear! I have some BumGenius that aren’t fitting great right now. I am hoping they will fit again later. I love them! Right now I like Blueberry Simplex or Smart Bottoms.

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          1. Aww yeah, I had some poop explosion problems with BumGenius when mine was around 3-5 months. It got better though! πŸ™‚ His booty just had to get a little bigger! LOL That is awesome! I have never tried either of those! Did you buy all of your stash?


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