Dirty Laundry.

Babystar loves to help me with the laundry. Too bad she sucks at it.

IMG_1756 (1)

I stopped buying Dreft way back when Babystar was a newborn. And I also stopped buying the BumGenius diaper detergent last fall. I just use Arm & Hammer Powder Laundry Detergent for everything in the house.

I’ve gotta keep it legit here and add $7.99 a month to the bottom line to account for an extra box of detergent per month, starting from October. I wash Babystar’s clothes a lot. And I wash her diapers even more.

We don’t pay for water in our townhouse, so I don’t know if we have increased usage. I would guess no. I think I offset the extra water for laundry by never showering. I literally shower twice a week now. Am I gross?



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