The SHHH is Bananas.


And apples and sweet potatoes and squash and spinach and pears and mango and you get it.

I’ve been steady making food for the baby. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

She has opinions now, which I kind of DESPISE. Ugh, annoying baby with her developing brain and cognitive abilities.

I kept receipts instead of making billions of post because who has time for that? Not the lady that’s busy making baby food in all her free time.

  • Sweet potatoes     $4.88
  • Bananas     $2.09
  • Apples and pears     $6.98
  • TONS of fruit and veggies all at once     $51.18

That $51.18 was really all ingredients for Babystar’s food. She did share a little bit of watermelon and butternut squash with me and the Teen, but we sometimes share our food with her so I suspect it will all sort of even out. (We shared some chia seeds for some of her cubes also.) It’s very difficult to keep track of all her food because she eats SO MUCH. Where does it all go?!? Oh, right. Never mind. I remember.




2 thoughts on “The SHHH is Bananas.

    1. I freeze it in cubes and defrost in the microwave. If it’s meant to be cold, I just microwave for less time and stir it–seems to work ok. I used to try to plan ahead and thaw some overnight but I kept forgetting and honestly it is way easier this way.

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