Pajama Party.

I’ve been cheating on Carter’s. You all know that I am addicted to their inexpensive, ADORABLE (if annoyingly gendered) baby clothes. Even their pajamas. But now we also make room in our heart dresser for Gymboree pajamas.

Babystar gets too hot in the one piece peejays these days. And I love a good sale. Gymboree has pajama sets on sale as low as $4.49 each. Maybe lower — I didn’t check them all. I couldn’t see the all-the-way discounted price until I was at the register. The pajamas are in plastic bags and are marked like $17.99 or whatever but they are way cheaper at the register. I only know that because I took them to the register to find out the price. Which is kind of an odd sales tactic really. A secret sale. I feel so clandestine. The total for all four was $27.52.

Most of the bagged pajamas were holiday prints, so maybe the Halloween or Easter designs are even cheaper. I probably should have checked. Maybe I DID unwittingly purchase holiday prints. When is Dogs-In-Spacemas? Unicornicopia? Donut Day? Sign me up.



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