Ice (cubes), Ice (cubes), Baby.

I have been restocking the freezer stash a little at a time. But she keeps eating it. (I know.)


  • Avocados  x6              $3.99
  • Peas                              $2.69
  • Sweet potatoes         $4.66
  • Apples                         $8.98
  • Bananas                      $4.75
  • Spinach                       $7.98
  • Pears                           $11.97
  • Brussels sprouts      $1.35
  • Broccoli                      $2.69
  • Mango                         $2.99
  • Strawberry                $6.00
  • Basil                            $1.99

Add $60.04 to the bottom line. Still less expensive than those darn pouches. Though I do love the pouch convenience. And Babystar really loves some of the pouch flavors. I just ordered more silicon ice cube trays via Amazon Prime, so they will be here soon. I’m going to try to up my flavor game, but I need to be able to make bigger batches. Especially now that the Doctor Lady says to give her three meals a day plus snacks. And DOUBLE especially because there was just another recall on baby food pouches (Gerber if you didn’t know), just to remind us parents that we are ALL DOING IT WRONG. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

What do you give YOUR baby as a snack? Does baby like it or throw it on the floor? Or both? Maybe that’s how babies show appreciation in their odd little Baby Culture??





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