Cloth Diaper Dreams.

Cloth diapers.

Oh, the looks I sometimes get when I mention that Babystar wears cloth diapers.

I knew when I was pregnant that I wanted to use cloth diapers with Babystar. I vaguely remembered the Perpetual Pampers Parade of the late 20th century. The Diaper Genie sausages of the past did ring a smelly bell. I vividly recalled my brother talking of the recent daily diaper blowouts of my darling niece. So I hopped aboard the cloth diaper buttwagon.

My husband was, shall we say, skeptical.

Then the baby was born. And I was, shall we say, freaking terrified.

There were so many diaper changes. And her diapers weren’t that full anyway. And I was so tired. And we brought tons of newborn disposable diapers* home from the hospital. And I was so tired. And she was probably too little anyway. And I was SO TIRED.

But one must make sacrifices for fashion.

I wanted cute pictures for Babystar’s one month ‘photo shoot’. I mean, it was just me taking pictures on my iPhone, but it was still kind of a big deal. We had fourteen or fifteen brand new BumGenius Elementals sitting in a box in the laundry room at that time. A few were baby shower gifts and most were the dozen that I ordered (what seemed like) a mere seconds before birthing this baby. None were prepped but such is life. Here she is at one month old in her very first cloth diaper.


Aw. So little. So squishy. So PINK.

So cute.

And that was that. The beginning of the obsession. I sort of couldn’t believe that they fit, and then I felt stupid for buying Size 1 diapers when I already had a box of perfectly good cloth diapers. And did you see how CUTE!? I prepped them all immediately and made the change. We used cloth night and day (with a Canadian exception) until she started sleeping through the night. I use disposables overnight now for my comfort. I am much more comfortable when I don’t have to wake up enough to function to change a diaper. ‘Boob out of shirt and into mouth’ is at about the max of my preferred level of 4 a.m. functionality.

I now know that the BumGenius Elementals are about the trimmest diapers out there, and that is probably why they fit so well on my one month old baby. We didn’t buy any newborn sized diapers, so she went straight to the one-size. I have changed my mind just about every month about what brand makes the ‘best’ diapers. (Well, the best one-size all-in-one or all-in-two diaper.) My dream diaper would have BumGenius’s trimness and stretchy tabs; Smart Bottom’s super soft, absorbent organic cotton and gorgeous prints; and Blueberry Simplex’s encased leg elastic and genius lining design.** Someone please make this diaper and send me one or twenty of them, thanks.

Until that happens, my Dream diaper today is this one. I have not bought a new diaper yet this whole year! (Shhh, I know what month it is.) Smart Bottoms have been fitting better these days so, you know. Plus just look at it.



“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”   ~A Midsummer Night’s Dream



*Only Cloth Diaper Mamas ever use the qualifier ‘disposable’.

**Do you cloth diaper? What would be your favorite Frankenstein diaper??

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