Beach Bum.

Babystar and I went to Florida last week to visit grandparents. My grandmother is a Leap Day baby and she actually had a birthday this year — her twenty-third birthday ever! We went down for the celebration. Poor Babystar was getting over her first cold, but after being cleared by the pediatrician, we decided to go anyway. It was Grandma’s first time meeting the baby and we didn’t want to delay those kisses! We stocked up on provisions for the Department of Just in Case. (Also Little Remedies saline drops, $4.19; not pictured.)


I have heard great things about the NoseFrida, $15.19, but I have yet to use one. Also grabbed extra filters, $3.99, and vitamin D drops because she was out, $10.99. I was fully prepared to take the plunge (or the suck), but we took that lingering runny nose to the beach and LEFT IT THERE. Cured by Dr. Ocean.



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