Sorting and Stacking.

Babystar is eight and a half months old! Wow. How?

We needed a shape sorter. HOW ELSE WILL SHE LEARN TO SORT SHAPES!?

Toys R Us was having a ‘Buy One, Get One 50% Off’ sale so she got a new Fisher Price Shape Sorter AND the delicious plastic stacking rings just like the ones at the library. Oh, and we also bought a Little Tikes piano because she loves the doorbell on her garden house thingy from Santa and the piano is like a bigger version of that. Most of her new toys so far were of the chew and rattle variety. We are stepping up the skill level.

(When can we play with Legos?!?)



3 thoughts on “Sorting and Stacking.

  1. BabyBoy was 10 months when we bought him his first LegoDuplo. The parts are really big, so he won’t be swallowing any of those. I know the box says 18 months, but by the time BabyBoy is 18 months, he will already have 5 sets. He looooves it (and so do I…).

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      1. I love it too. Hubby still has al his Legos from childhood. BigGirl has most of the FriendsLego and we’re working on BabyBoy’s collection. I never had Lego growing up, so I am catching up on Lego 101 with BabyBoy. Enjoy building your, I mean BabyStar’s castle 😜


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