And the Actual Retail Price is…

Here in Northern Virginia we have a cool play space called Busy Bees. It is geniusly located next to a Chik-Fil-A so it is basically Preschool Paradise. Imagine an old school Discovery Zone meets Pinterest. Everything is pretty and picture perfect. The colors are turquoise and lime and purple instead of primary red, yellow, and blue. Instead of a ball pit, they have a balloon room. It’s adorable and I love it. They have complimentary coffee and wifi, and no stupid rules about ‘outside food’ since they don’t sell crappy pizza or anything. (They do sell little snacks in case you forget to bring your own.) I can see myself getting addicted to this place. And like any smart dealer, they let babies in for free to get them hooked young. (Once Babystar hits her first birthday, it will cost $15.)

Since her admission is free, we stop in for short visits at least once a week these days. Recently, I needed to change her diaper while there. In the bathroom (cutely labeled ‘Potty’) I found the most amazing diaper pail/trash can. There was NO SMELL when I opened the slide-y door to discard the dirty wipes. I looked around like I expected Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind the toilet.


When I realized that I had indeed found a diaper pail that could contain the diaper smells (of lots of babies and toddlers all at once), I swear I heard angels singing. The changing table was bathed in a warm glow. Cartoon birds swooped down and helped me fasten Babystar’s diaper. I said out loud to Babystar that we were getting one of these for home. I don’t care if it costs one hundred dollars. Yes, I remember saying that verbatim. Whoops.

I was close. Dammit. $79.99.

But I ordered one anyway. In navy. It is currently en route. Dude, I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “And the Actual Retail Price is…

  1. Hi
    I know this has nothing to do with your latest post, but I just read your WHOLE blog. I know many people do it, but you are the first person I “know” who uses cloth diapers, so in my eyes you are a SuperMom.
    Well done on calculating everything. I must say that it sounds super expensive because of the US$ – ZAR exchange rate (yup, I live in Sunny South Africa).
    Enjoy your little BabyStar.
    Best wishes


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