Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers! Whether you love people or places or you just love LOVE, today is for you. Cheers and smooches to you all!!

(I used to despise this made up holiday. It doesn’t even make sense. Saint Valentine was an early Christian martyr who denounced the Roman gods. He literally got famous for dissing Cupid. What a crappy mascot.)

I have embraced the fun of it all this year. I woke up before the family and created some Tangible Love for when they wake up. I hung heart streamers and a love letter on Husband’s bathroom mirror. He will be so surprised because I never ever ever remember Valentine’s Day. Ever. Whoops. Maybe I can convince him that it was all a long con leading up to this Valentine’s Day so I could make sure he was REALLY surprised this year.

The Teenager has her three best friends in town for the long weekend. I decorated the dining room with towers of sweets inside glass cake stands and candy hearts for all. Look how pretty! (And I cannot eat even one bite of any of it! Stupid dairy-free, wheat-free diet! It’s a good thing that Babystar is so sweet. She is my Valentiniest Sweet today, since I can’t eat the donuts or muffins or cookies or chocolate.)

OriginalPhoto-477147511.403859 (1)

(Oh right! I can eat the strawberries. Yum.)

And I even decorated Babystar! I created a Valentine’s Day outfit out of clothes from her dresser. Who knew she had so much pink?! I dressed her in a pink onesie underneath a long sleeve heart onesie. With jeggings and ruffly socks, a pink and white striped cotton hat, and even a pink diaper.

IMG_0169 IMG_0168

Who am I? Am I a sappy Valentine’s Day lover now? Or is my poor mommy brain just mushy from lack of sleep?





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