I Forgot to Feed the Baby!

Just kidding. But I did forget to include the cost of her food so far.

Babystar has been dining on mama milk for the first bit of her life. The best thing about mama milk is that it’s free! (And portable. That’s good too. But the BEST thing is that it’s free.) My dear cousin gave me a ton of nursing accessories that she didn’t use with her NICU preemie: milk storage bags and nursing pads and even a tube of lanolin. Very helpful during the early days. And my dear MIL bought me several nursing bras and nursing tops last Christmas. The food thing was pretty handled.

But the Baby grew. She got bigger and hungrier.

I love feeding Little Miss Messyface. We started slow by giving her just a little bit of banana or sweet potato while the family had dinner. (And we don’t all have time for a sit down dinner every night so it was pretty sporadic.) Once she seemed to really get in to the whole eating thing, I started feeding her dinner every night then soon added in a lunch.

My SIL gave me a Baby Bullet that she never used, and I’ve been using that tiny blender and six quarter cup containers to make her purees. I like the little Baby Bullet blender. My Vitamix doesn’t really know what to do with such small amounts. So far she has only had bananas, pears, carrots, sweet potato, peas, strawberry, avocado, peaches, and spinach. Babystar looooves some spinach with garlic! I’ve created a conservative estimate of her food costs so far.

  • Banana x6     $0.95
  • Pears x8     $7.98
  • Sweet potato x3     $3.00
  • Carrots     $1.99
  • Peas x1,000     $4.98
  • Strawberry x30     $6.00
  • Avocado x2      $3.00
  • Peaches (frozen)     $2.99
  • Spinach x1,000,000     $9.97

Food total as of last Friday is $38.87.

Making her meals was starting to takeover my life. Then the Teen Queen told me that the Pinterest Mommies made batches of food and froze them in ice cube trays. I was interested. Then I found this super cool website and I was obsessed!

I even ordered these pretty purple ice cube trays so I could make adorable one ounce squares of frozen food. (But I only bought two trays so I had to use my boring-shaped ice cube trays also.) I spent yesterday in the kitchen making purees to freeze. (I won’t bother noting the recipes. Go here and find ones you like.) Babystar watched Super Bowl Pregame with dad.


I picked up food at Costco and Harris Teeter in preparation for Game Day.  Some of the big Costco packs were split amongst the fam for smoothies or salads, but I’m counting the full package cost. I have not included any food I gave her from my plates at restaurants, either so far (hummus) or for the next several months, so I’m sure it will equal out. Sharing is caring.

  • Apples x10     $2.99
  • Pears x5     $3.99
  • Spinach x1,000     $9.98
  • Mango slices     $7.99
  • Strawberries     $6.99
  • Avocados x6     $3.99
  • Red peppers x7     $6.49
  • Basil     $2.99
  • Organic potato x2     $1.47
  • Sweet potato x3     $4.00
  • Broccoli     $2.49

$53.37. Plus $7.99 for the ice cube trays. So $100.23 so far.


3 thoughts on “I Forgot to Feed the Baby!

  1. ***Cringe*** I loved this post until I got to the last line haha! It’s also the first post I read so I have no idea how old Babystar is yet. Loving the recipe website though, I wanted a baby bullet but before I could buy it, my Mister found a steam/bullet all-in-one type thing at a thrift shop for 3$. It came with a little recipe booklet and it makes woooonderful apple sauce! Can’t wait to start using it for the Beb when she gets here and starts eating food-food. Will you be growing any of your own foods for her this summer? I know you said you live in a townhouse, but perhaps you have some room in the yard or could do some container gardening!


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