Reusable Wipes.

I cannot do it. I cannot imagine reusing cloth wipes after seeing the poop that is coming out of my beautiful baby lately.

I want to. But how will I get the poop off of the cloth wipes? Please tell me. This is a real question. I have googled cloth wipes so many times but everyone just sort of skips over that part. I spray the diapers but they are big enough that I can fold them over sort of inside out and hold the edges while spraying. Yes of course sometimes it gets a little messy but it’s usually fine. But a small flimsy cloth wipe? Or in this case, a baby washcloth? How? Please tell me how.

However, I already have the empty plastic wipes tub and a plethora of baby washcloths and some baby friendly castille soap so I decided to make reusable FACE wipes. Maybe if they are already at the ready I will stop using paper towels to wipe Babystar’s face after messy meals. And let’s face it: all meals are messy meals.

First I gathered supplies.


Then I poured water from the Brita filter into the teapot to boil. Perhaps this is overkill but I really did not want anything growing in my little experiment. Once boiled and cooled just enough to not shatter the glass, I poured hot water over just enough soap to coat the bottom of a pint glass. It was a little cloudy but pretty well mixed.


Last I rolled up the washcloths, stacked them in the clean empty wipes container, and poured the soap mixture over the washcloths. I tried to pour evenly, and I did end up adding a bit more boiled water. I then sort of mixed around the washcloths and gave them a few squeezes to be sure they were all wet but not too wet.


So far they have been working great. And Babystar likes that she can have the wipes to help wash her face. (I couldn’t let her have the paper towels because, as you know, babies are goats.)




4 thoughts on “Reusable Wipes.

  1. Baby star is a cutie!
    We use cloth, wipes and diapers. My routine for the bum wipes is different to face. I bought the started kit from cheeky wipes, but that’s not necessarily, just made it an easier start. Because we use cloth bums, I toss all the wipes in with it, so when washing diapers day arrives it all goes in the load together. Cold rinse without washing powder/liquid, 40•c-60• wash with full dosage of the washing powder and ‘voilá’ as simple as that. All the soil is completely clean bed away, no nasty smells or residues left. I would get a small cloth diaper bag, they fit like 3-4 diapers, toss your used wipes in there, and once full follow this washing don’t even need to touch the wipes, just turn the bag inside out letting all the wipes fall in the wash and throw the bag in there too. I soak a few wipes every morning, I use ether lavender & chamomile cheeky wipes oil, or cooled down chamoline tea or if I’m lazy just a tiny drop of her body wash. Use a air sealed container and that’s all you need. 😊

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  2. I was thinking if they really needed a rinse, perhaps toss them into a sort of strainer and spray them down like that? So long as you remember NEVER to use said strainer for spaghetti ahaha 😛


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