Fleece is the Word.

Babystar has been sampling new foods for a few weeks now, and something terrible is going on in her diapers. I am nostalgic for the smell of newborn poop. What the hell is wrong with me?

Dude. It’s gross. How is my sweet baby doing this?

On the plus side, I finally get to use my shiny new diaper sprayer. Yay?

Internet research tells me that fleece diaper liners are a thing. They are pricey, though. Like five to ten dollars per pack. And a pack is only about five liners. They are reusable of course, hence the high price tag. But here is the thing: I don’t want to spray the liners any more than I want to spray the diapers. Further internet research tells me that some people buy fleece from the fabric store and cut it to DIY diaper liners. This sounds good. Or at least, it sounds better. I bought a yard of fleece ($10.99/yard but 50% off at JoAnn’s) and I plan to cut it up to make liners. I intentionally chose a geometric pattern to make cutting straight lines easier. I hate measuring. And I know full well that I will toss the pee ones into the wet bag to wash and reuse and the poop ones into the trash can. And I have made my peace with that. I’ll let you know how the fleece holds up.



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