The $5,718.37 Question.

Babystar is seven months old today.



How did this happen?

Also? How have we spent $5,718.37 on this thing that has only been a thing for seven months?!?

Math is hard but if I divide that by seven months and then by thirty days (I know the rhyme but it’s easier this way), then we are spending over $27 per DAY on this baby!! Sally Struthers once told me that I can care for a child for just the price of a cup of coffee per day. Even Starbucks doesn’t cost $27.

I know much of that was the hospital bill. And a bunch was for diapers. Also I went a bit mad with baby clothes shopping  the last couple of months. But wow that is a lot of money. Especially considering that so much stuff was given to us as gifts or hand me downs. And double especially considering that she has already grown out of a lot of those clothes I purchased last November. I should have just bought three pairs of pajamas and washed them every day. Lesson learned.

When I first started keeping track of our baby expenses, I just wanted to know where all the money went. (I still can’t really say I KNOW, but I should know. I really should.) Watching the bottom line grow has been enlightening. I will definitely make some changes for 2016. (A bit late for a New Year’s Resolution but there it is.)


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