Ruffle My Feathers.

That’s the name of the diaper I bought. Yes, diapers have names now. Probably soon they will have families and back stories.

I love the way Blueberry Simplex diapers fit Babystar but I hate the cartoon prints. And why on earth don’t they have a regular line of solids?!? This is the fourth Blueberry diaper I have purchased mainly because it is literally only the fourth one that I liked. And yes, I know they are just diapers and they are usually under clothes, but let me have this. Let me pick the colors and prints so I can like changing diapers. Since I change a lot of diapers. All the time. Ok. Are we all on board here?


It is a Nicki’s Diapers exclusive and it is adorable and I also bought a small Planetwise wet bag because I need more wet bags and this one was on sale.

Total: $38.73


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