Fluff Mail!

Late night Interneting has taught me some new terms, such as Sleepy Dust  (which is a sleeping baby in a carrier which I thought is just how they do) and Fluff Mail (which is when you order diapers. And then they arrive. In the mail).  And SMNA (So Many New Acronyms)!

AF is Aunt Flo, which I still read as ‘As Fuck’

BLW  is Baby Led Weaning, which does not mean weaning.

FTM is not Female to Male trans but instead First Time Mom.

OBGE.  Old Bum Genius Elemental.  That one took me some research.

Look at this adorable diaper and wet bag.  $44.91 with tax.  It’s the AIO (all in one) Simplex by Blueberry.  I have an Organic Simplex and I like the fit but I’m interested in how the regular (cheaper) Simplex will work for overnights.  Off to wash it five thousand times to prep the fibers before using!



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