Shopping Spree.

Have you ever been to Potomac Mills?  It’s a shopping destination in Northern Virginia.  Every chain of every store ever ever is there.  I’m pretty sure.  Based on personal research.

Plus they have Ikea.  Boom.

I went to Ikea today for a few things (ha  haha  hahahaha).  This large play mat and wooden toy-hangy-thingy were actually on my list.  $54.98 total.


We also did some Christmas shopping at the outlet mall (I really might get finished before December which is AMAZING) and I bought tons of clothes for Babystar.  Husband and I have not really shopped for her so it was very fun.  Plus just LOOK at these adorable clothes.  We spent $45.96 at H&M Baby.  That Rolling Stone sweatshirt is going to kill me with its cuteness.


And $163.71 at Carter’s.  Those monsters though.




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