Scary Mummy.

Babystar picked out her own toy today!  I swear.  I showed her how some of the toys in Target worked and she seemed disinterested until we played with these colorful chimes. She reached for them and even turned around to try to reach them. $14.99.

Also in the cart was an activity gym (on sale for $39.99) similar to one she was handed down. This one, however, is not broken and comes with all the toys. I will keep the mat from the other so I can trade them out when one needs washing. Which is always.

And the piece de resistance, a sweet pajama costume for Baby to wear for Pumpkin Patch Pictures* this year! Here were the choices? Which one do you think I bought?** ($9.99)


*It is a law in Northern Virginia that parents of children under five must take Pumpkin Patch Pictures. Do they have this law where you live?

**Yes, I realize there is a spoiler in the post title. So this quiz should be easy.



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