Bought some diapers, eh.

We just got back from a week in Vancouver! Look at the cute baby! And the moose! We did not purchase that moose!


We did purchase a pack of disposable diapers (no I did not bring cloth diapers to a hotel in another country) for $18.99, a pack of wipes for $4.99, and three hats at $11, $2, and $2.  The first warm hat was out of necessity and the second and third were at a secondhand shop and purchased for cuteness. Oh, and a set of baby mittens for a dollar, from that same secondhand shop.

And a book. We bought the baby a board book for $11.99.


And a print. We bought a cute narwhal print for the nursery for $25.

These were Canadian dollars. The total in US dollars is $57.92.


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