Paci Tasting Party.

While pregnant, I swore that I would not give Baby a pacifier.  It was hell getting it away from my oldest, back in the last century millennium. Then I brought Baby home and did not sleep for three days.  Thank the Lord (or actually, my cousin) that someone smarter than me thought to tuck an assortment of newborn pacifiers into a very thoughtful shower gift.  I definitely unpacked boxes at 4am that third night until I found one.

Baby only liked one of them, though, and it was a newborn size that no longer really fit her still tiny little mouth.  Time for a Tasting Party!

Yesterday we bought four types of pacis from Target to find out which would best quiet the beast.  That is how much I am on board the paci train.  I am the freaking driver.  Conductor?  Engineer?  Whatever.  Worth the $21.06.


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