Business Opportunity.

We really need better children’s used clothing shops in northern Virginia (NoVa if you’re nasty).

If I wasn’t so tired I might open one.  Would I?  I don’t even know.  I have not slept more than five hours in a row since June 19.  And that five hour stretch I just mentioned?  That was an anomaly.  An anomaly I remember quite fondly.  Fond Anomaly would make a great name for an experimental jazz band.  I am tired.

Today I checked out the local used clothing game.  We don’t have a Once Upon a Child nearby, but we have some local boutiques.  I won’t mention the names because they were garbage.  Unorganized, overpriced, unfriendly GARBAGE.

I did buy one shirt in one of the stores.  I need long sleeves for this baby as we are going to Canada later this month.  This one shirt was twelve freaking dollars.  What?



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