Ok, I’m doing it. We ordered cloth diapers today.

Deep breath.

I just ordered a dozen cloth diapers.  And two wet bags.

I decided to go with BumGenius Elementals.  They are all-in-one which should hopefully be easy.  They are made with organic cotton.  And they have snaps, because the thought of pilly velcro in the dryer makes me itchy. And mostly because I have been way too busy and tired to research this thoroughly but they have been tested and loved by the lovely couple over at younghouselove.

Also, Sean’s church group gave us lovely gifts last month because they knew we planed to cloth diaper and that we were leaning towards BumGenius diapers.  We received one Elemental and one Freetime, so I was able to touch and compare the two.  The Freetime’s inserts are attached to the cover in a strange fashion.  I think to make it easier to wash and dry but I just imagine the inserts flopping all around when trying to spray off the poo.  Plus the fabric was weird and the Elementals are straight up cotton.  I’m on board with natural fibers, though I have no research or science to back that up.  Elementals it shall be.

Cotton Babies has a 12-pack for $278.44. We chose twelve different colors and I’m kind of excited to receive them.

We also got ordered one large and one small wet bag from Planet Wise.  The large one for the nursery and the small one for outings.  Cost with shipping was $39.73.


Total so far:  $707.61

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