Update: I feel lucky.

Since telling my teens and then the rest of the family last Thanksgiving, I have been showered with hand-me-downs.  I am ever grateful and so lucky.  My little brother back in Virginia has my sweet niece who will be two in July and my sister here in Florida has my sweet nephew that is one next month in March.  I also have a very close cousin here in Florida with a baby girl only seven months old.  They have been trading baby clothes and baby stuff back and forth, and they all swear they are done having babies.  I currently have a closet full of bags of baby stuff.  So much baby stuff.  I started to sort things today to only keep what I need.  I am having a little girl but she can totally rock my nephew’s hand-me-downs, so I will not need to buy clothes for at least the first six months.  I am drowning in onesies.  I feel very lucky and very blessed to have boxes of pajamas, gowns, pants, onesies, socks, shoes, hats, everything.  Receiving blankets, a bassinet, breastfeeding supplies (one mom stocked up but baby refused), a Boppy pillow, another breastfeeding pillow, baby bath tub insert, Bumpo seat.  I’m actually glad for once that I’m so far away from home and will not have a baby shower, because I really don’t need to buy much more for baby’s first months.  Do I?

Total so far: $159.99.

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