Every baby needs a Fisher Price Castle.

A tiny bit of background: I’m 37 and pregnant with my third baby.  (My husband’s first baby.)  I have an 18 year old son headed to college next year and a 15 year old daughter in high school.  My new husband (of eight years) and I tried for six long years to have a baby, and we recently gave up and decided to focus on other things.  Surprise!  I’m knocked up.  To make this more odd, I’m living in Florida for this school year to be close to my teenagers.  There will be little time to set up a nursery back home in Virginia.  And since we are temporarily running two households, there is no money for a nursery anyway.  This should be interesting.

I have long ago given away baby clothes and baby things.  And only the husband knows about the baby.  So it makes perfect sense that I spend the day searching vintage Fisher Price on ebay and easy.  I decide on the castle that my siblings and I played with for years back in the 1980s.  $105.00 with shipping.


RUNNING TOTAL:  $119.99.

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